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While she’s been named one of Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in the World, she’s probably the only person on that list who uses social media to post notes to her best friends and videos of her cats.
by Whitney Pastorek talking about Taylor Swift (via swiftlyswift13)
Sep 02 @ 12:14 PM
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the bonds that taylor has created and strengthened with her fans lately through instagram are the most important thing ever. if there was ever a doubt that taylor swift does not care about her fans, it is absolutely crushed now. she loves us even more than we love her

Sep 01 @ 10:47 AM
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Sep 01 @ 5:24 AM
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@MichelleWKwan: Great girls day in #RhodeIsland @taylorswift13 @ColbieCaillat http://t.co/YbwSn2Ktui

Aug 31 @ 11:35 PM
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It is a daily struggle for me to not buy more cats.

Aug 31 @ 6:42 PM
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Just saw this in a comment section of a picture that “People.com” posted (above)..

I couldn’t of said it better. Good job 

Aug 31 @ 12:35 PM
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The “Shake It Off” singer, 24, will be joining the upcoming seventh season of the NBC competition show as an advisor. A source tells Us that Swift will serve in the same capacity that Coldplay singer Chris Martin aided the show in its sixth season, advising contestants across all four teams.

Aug 30 @ 6:58 PM
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Aug 30 @ 6:57 PM
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YouTuber ||Superwoman|| about Taylor Swift.
Aug 30 @ 6:57 PM
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@taylorswift13: TOTALLY gonna ask this girl to choreograph the tour. She just seems to understand the song on a deeper level. http://instagram.com/p/sPlkx-RjJL/

Aug 30 @ 6:56 PM